Robotic Specialties

At St. Joseph’s Hospitals Advanced Center for Robotic Surgery, our experienced surgeons perform hundreds of robotic surgeries every year. Our hospitals require strict criteria for surgeons, exceeding the requirements set forth by other hospitals. That means when you are treated by one of St. Joseph’s robotic surgeons, you are receiving the highest quality care.

Experienced Robotic Surgeons in Tampa, Florida

St. Joseph’s surgeons receive extensive training in using the da Vinci® Surgical System. We are continuing to offer the procedure for more and more specialties. Our surgeons are some of the most highly trained robotic surgeons in the area. When you are treated at St. Joseph’s, you know you are in expert hands.

Robotic Surgeries at St. Joseph’s Hospitals

You may be wondering if you are a candidate for a robotic surgery. Robotic surgeons at St. Joseph’s perform surgeries for the following conditions:

Robotic Surgery: Choosing the Best Approach

Keep in mind that your medical team always has your best outcome in mind. Sometimes, your surgeon can achieve the best result with a robotic procedure. Other times, he or she may feel that a laparoscopic or a traditional approach would be best.

No matter what surgery your doctor performs, the goal is to treat your condition and get you back to your daily routine, pain-free.