Aphasia Communication Support Group (ACSG)

Purpose: To provide individuals with aphasia and apraxia of speech a supportive environment to foster socialization with peers, practice communication skills and provide education regarding communication-related topics for group members and the greater community.

Who: For individuals with aphasia/apraxia. Aphasia is an acquired language disorder most commonly caused by stroke, head injury or brain tumor. It may impact a variety of communication areas including verbal expression, auditory comprehension, reading and writing. Apraxia of speech is an acquired motor speech disorder causing individuals difficulty moving and coordinating parts of the mouth to produce speech. 

When: The last Thursday of every month, 3-4pm.

Where: In the Community Conference Room at South Florida Baptist Hospital in Plant City

Cost: Free

What to bring: Please feel free to bring a family member or friend for support when attending your first group. You may also want to bring any items that facilitate your communication such as pen/paper, pictures, communication device, etc. 

Contact: Please contact Jennifer Head, M.S., CCC-SLP by e-mail or telephone, (813) 707-2123, if you would like to participate or have questions.