Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery Services in Plant City, Florida 

Bariatrics is the field of medicine that focuses on the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. More than just weight loss surgery, bariatrics includes dieting, exercise and weight loss behavioral therapy. If other methods haven’t worked, bariatric surgery could be the solution. Bariatric (weight loss) surgery can be an important step you take to improve your life.

Our program uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to help you find your best weight loss options. Rely on the expertise of our bariatrics team to get the answers you need.

Register for a free online information session to learn more about your options. These sessions can be accessed at any time and will give you a full overview of weight loss surgery. We recommend that the people who are your support system watch with you.

Take the first step by attending a free, in-person information session or register for a free online information session:

Surgical Services

Although diet, exercise, behavioral therapy and anti-obesity drugs are usually the first choices for weight loss treatments, surgery may be the best option for some patients. Weight loss surgery generally results in greater weight loss than conventional treatments and leads to better quality of life and less obesity-related diseases.

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Our Expert Team

Our team of specialists includes Dietitian Nutritionists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists and more.

Pre- & Postsurgery Resources for Current BayCare Patients

Prepare for your upcoming surgery and every day after with resources and recommendations from your specific hospital.

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Nationally Accredited 

Our program is nationally accredited by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), and is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to help you find the best weight loss options for you.

Fitness Classes and Services
BayCare Health System has state-of-the-art wellness centers that offer a diverse member experience, supporting every person, at any level of fitness, no matter where they are on their wellness journey. As a post-bariatric surgery member of one of our community BayCare Fitness Centers, you are eligible for a discounted membership.

Calculate your Body Mass Index using this interactive calculator

Learn more about bariatric services at BayCare. 

For more information about South Florida Baptist Hospital's bariatric program, call (813) 707-2152

Patient Success Stories - Markty

It’s been a journey, but it’s been a good journey,” Markty said. “My mom was big, so I thought I’d always be big. But I never thought that my size would bring me down like it did. This journey is about feeling better about yourself. Today, when I look in the mirror, I say “Oh my God, I never thought I could be this size.

Patient Success Stories - Amanda

My motivation is to never feel the way I felt before. I know now what it feels like to have energy and I love it. In fact, I have fallen in love with myself through this process. I will still always be a mom and wife, but being Amanda is pretty awesome, too.

Patient Success Stories – Margaret

Ultimately, I did this for myself,” says Margaret. “And it wasn’t easy. But I had Dr. Rossi and the team behind me, cheering me on, and I’m so grateful for them.

For more information about South Florida Baptist Hospital's bariatric program, call (813) 707-2152.