Cardiac Rehab Patient Feedback

Our patients are surveyed after they complete the rehabilitation program, and 100 percent of them would recommend Morton Plant Mease’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to other cardiac patients. Here are some of their responses.

"I always thought I was ‘exercise intolerant;’ however, your excellent staff made me realize the importance of programmed exercise. I salute them!" 
— 77-year-old triple bypass patient

"I benefited greatly from this exercise program. It provides a safe environment, and I was able to see how exercise reduced my blood pressure."
— 72-year-old triple bypass patient
"The nurses helped build my confidence and inspired me to lead a healthier life." 
— 64-year-old patient with myocardial infarction
"After completing rehab, I lost inches of fat and feel much stronger. I now understand my angina, how to take my medications, and why proper eating and exercise are so important.”
— 45-year-old quadruple bypass patient

"I appreciate the attention provided by the nurses. I knew I was in good hands. Keep up the good work.”
— 55-year-old myocardial infarction patient
"I always left rehab feeling good both mentally and physically. The staff did a good job of exercising me at a safe and comfortable pace. It was very motivating."
— 84-year-old triple bypass patient