Cancer Support Services

Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS)

Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS) offers supportive programs and services to patients dealing with cancer, family members, caregivers, and loved ones. The CaPSS team is guided by a simple mission: To enhance the quality of life for people in our community touched by cancer.

CaPSS counselors provide services to Morton Plant Hospital, Mease Countryside Hospital, Mease Dunedin Hospital and Morton Plant North Bay Hospital patients who are dealing with cancer in the hospital and outpatient settings. We are here to assist you with cancer-related issues and to educate patients and families about community resources. We are part of your cancer support team.

CaPSS offers individual counseling and support services and our services are absolutely free.

Contact us to find out more about our Cancer Support Services.

Download and print a copy of our CaPSS resource manual.

Please note: CaPSS counselors are available to refer cancer patients and family members to community-based mental health, substance abuse, financial and spiritual counseling as needed.

Individual and Family Counseling/Support Services

We recognize that a cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. As experienced counselors, social workers, and cancer care navigators, we can help you sort through your feelings, guide you through your care and teach you relaxation techniques and stress reduction methods to help you cope more effectively with the stresses of cancer as you adjust to living with cancer. The psychosocial team can also assist with concerns about practical matters such as transportation, financial resources, and other common problems.

Support Groups, Classes & Events

BayCare and CaPSS are proud to offer a wide variety of cancer support groups to patients throughout the Tampa Bay area. Find cancer-related classes, events and support groups.



Two resource libraries are available for those interested in cancer information:

  • Morton Plant Hospital, Axelrod Pavilion; 2nd floor 
  • Mease Countryside Hospital, Shaffer Tower; 4th floor

Cancer-related books and educational materials are available to patients, families and the community at no charge. Topics include diagnosis/treatment of specific types of cancer, coping with emotional issues, spirituality, caregiver support, and information on other cancer resources. Internet access is also provided at both locations with links to websites for cancer information. If you would like to know more about our libraries, please call (727) 462-2125 for Morton Plant or (727) 725-6016 for Mease Countryside.

Breast Cancer Resources 

For patients having breast cancer surgery

If you are scheduled to have a mastectomy or partial mastectomy, you can receive a recovery camisole from “A Place for Her.” The camisole is soft cotton and has a fiberfill, unweighted prosthesis for use as an easy-to-wear post-surgery garment. It also has two detachable drainage pouches. The camisole can be worn during the first weeks after surgery, before you are ready for a weighted prosthesis. Your insurance company may cover all of part of the cost; please check.

Learn more about preparing for breast cancer surgery

Learn more about A Place for Her or call (727) 447-1146.

Learn more genetic counseling/testing for breast cancer.

Learn more about clinical trials for breast cancer or call Morton Plant Mease Clinical Research at (727) 461-8519.

For more information about CaPSS: (727) 462-2125 or Email.