History Books

Giant Steps

The History of Morton F. Plant Hospital

Published in 1981, Giant Steps chronicles the history of Morton Plant Hospital through the decades up to 1980. Written by Jan Kirby, and edited by the Morton F. Plant Community Relations Department, the book had many contributors who provided information included former and current leaders, donors, board members, employees, physicians, nurses, volunteers, members of the community and Foundation staff. The book is organized by decade and features a look into the hospital’s service to the community and how it evolved over the years. According to the author, “Mighty big people [in all respects} have been needed to take the giant steps necessary in health care throughout the decades. The hospital is an historic monument to their dedicated efforts. Browse the book

The Spirit of Morton Plant

A Retrospective:  1916-1991

Recounting much of the hospital’s original history book titled Giant Steps, The Spirit of Morton Plant: A Retrospective features many stories told in the first person by physicians, administrators, nurses and others vital to the hospital’s care of the community. It was written by Morton Plant Hospital’s Office of Corporate Communications in celebration of the hospital’s 75th Anniversary. This personal perspective brings much of the hospital’s history to life. Browse the book