Being a Patient and Family Advisor for Women's and Children's Services

What is a patient and family advisor?

Patient and family advisors:

  • Provide a voice for patients and family members who receive care in obstetrics, neonatal intensive care or pediatrics
  • Partner with doctors, nurses, administrators and others to improve quality of care
  • Deliver feedback about patient or family member experiences
  • Commit to short- or long-term projects
  • Volunteer at least one hour, but not more than four hours, monthly
  • Serve on the patient and family member advisory council that improves hospital quality and safety

Why should you consider becoming a patient and family advisor?

When considering becoming a patient and family advisor, think of your experiences with Morton Plant Hospitals or Mease Countryside Hospital. Could your time at the hospital have been better? Do you have ideas about how to improve the health care experience? Those stories and ideas are vital to our goal of improving quality and safety.

Who can be a patient and family advisor?

  • Patients or family members who have received care at Morton Plant Hospital or Mease Countryside Hospital in obstetrics, pediatrics or neonatal intensive care.
  • Your experience matters most.
  • We will provide any needed training.

How do patient and family advisors contribute?

  • Participate in discussion groups about the patient experience and potential improvements
  • Review or help create educational or informational material
  • Participate in Women’s and Children’s improvement projects

Is being a patient and family advisor right for you?

You can become a vital contributor if you are able to:

  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Talk about positive experiences as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Empathize and interact with people who have had different experiences
  • Listen and communicate respectfully even if you disagree
  • Keep confidential all information encountered
  • Bring your sense of humor

To learn more about the Patient and Family Advisor Program for Women’s and Children’s Services, contact education specialist Linda Meade, RNC, BS: (727) 462-7717 or email

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