Speech Therapy

Our team of therapists is skilled in the intricate speech therapy needs of patients with complex medical conditions and prolonged illnesses. Some of the areas we concentrate include: 

  • Swallowing: To improve swallowing so that patients may safely resume eating and drinking. Speech therapy also provides diagnostic services, including Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies (VFSS) and bedside swallow assessments.
  • Cognitive: Improve memory and reasoning
  • Language: Helps patients who have difficulties expressing thoughts, wants and needs, i.e. aphasia
  • Voice: Treatment of vocal problems such as reduced breath support during speaking, weak voicing and vocal cord pathologies
  • Speech: Improves speech intelligibility for better expression of wants and needs
  • Oral motor strengthening: Improves lip and tongue strength for clear speaking and eating/drinking
  • Speaking valve training for patients with tracheostomies: Speaking valves are used to allow patients to produce voice and are also used to facilitate swallowing function.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): Facilitates communication for patients who are unable to speak due to ventilator dependency or degenerative diseases such as ALS or Parkinson’s disease
  • Head and neck cancer: Assists with speaking and/or swallowing as a result of treatment for throat, neck or mouth cancer

For more information about our speech therapy at BayCare Alliant Hospital, call (727) 734-6528.