BayCare vICU™

As technology continues to evolve, BayCare continues to finds ways to help make lives better through our vICU (virtual ICU) digital health services.

Always There When You Need Us

When you or a loved one is in critical condition, you want the best care possible. At BayCare, our hospital critical care units are staffed with outstanding nurses and care providers who are specially trained in critical care. Now, thanks to new technology, we are able to provide even more care with our vICU (virtual ICU) service. In addition to the outstanding care that you will receive from our on-site team of specialized nurses and physicians, you will also receive constant, expert virtual care from our vICU team, 24 hours a day.

With vICU, specially trained critical care nurses are able to monitor every ICU patient from miles away. The vICU team uses cutting-edge technology to electronically monitor each patient’s medical condition 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each night a specially trained critical care doctor will be at vICU Central, participating in each patient’s care from 7pm to 7am, ensuring that every ICU patient always has an extra set of eyes on them.

Learn more about vICU and how it works from physicians and nurses in the video provided. vICU is available at many BayCare hospitals, including those in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, New Port Richey, and Wesley Chapel. For additional information, ask the hospital staff or your physician about BayCare’s vICU program.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind with Our Extra Level of Care

To give you peace of mind and the best care possible at the BayCare Performance Network skilled nursing facilities (SNF), there will now be a team of nurse practitioners available throughout the night at our vICU center that will use cutting edge technology to interface with patients routinely during their stay. This new service will be known as the ePACC (electronic Post Acute Care Consult) Program.

Our specially trained nurse practitioners will be stationed at vICU Central and available to participate in each patient’s care from 7pm to 7am, ensuring that residents are receiving exceptional care. When necessary, the remote nurse practitioner will talk with the resident or his/her attending nurse via two way audio visual equipment or by phone.

To learn more, you can view our full list of current BayCare Performance Network providers here.