Billing and Insurance

Let’s face it, health care costs can be hard to understand and feel somewhat unexpected, but at BayCare, we’re committed to making health care better. And that means making the cost of health care easier to understand and plan for. Our goal is to help you know your options and what costs to expect when you have a service at a BayCare facility.  

Please note that we are emailing your eStatements from this email address:  If you have any questions about your eStatement, please call (813) 443-8070.

Get An Estimate

BayCare provides price estimates for a wide range of common medical services. Get a good-faith attempt to let you know what your portion of the cost for the service selected will be.

Use the tools below to help you plan and manage your health care expenses.

The Agency for Health Care Administration has developed two websites that the public can use to learn more about the quality and costs for health care facilities in Florida. This information is available at the Florida Health Finder website and the Florida Health Price Finder website. The AHCA pricing website is based on payment information for patients across the state of Florida and is not necessarily reflective of what the actual costs may be for any individual patient. Actual costs will be based on actual services provided to each patient.

A list of standard hospital charges for inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic procedures can be found at the links below. Please note that these prices may not accurately reflect your actual costs.  For a personalized price estimate, visit or call (813) 852-3116.

Standard Hospital Charges by Service Description
Standard Hospital Charges by MS-DRG