Billing FAQs

  • How can I make a payment?

    Payments for BayCare can be made: Online, by phone or by mail. An option for online payment includes using the BayCare Health System mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

  • How can I obtain another copy of my statement?

    Please call Customer Service, (727) 851-9627, (813) 443-8072 or (863) 280-6094.

  • I need help understanding my bill.

    Understanding Your Bill (English information sheet)
    Understanding Your Bill (Spanish information sheet)

  • Why do I owe a balance?

    Your balance due could be one of the following reasons: you have not met your insurance deductible, your insurance applied a copay, your insurance applied a co-insurance or the service was a non-covered charge under your insurance plan.

  • Why are my payments not posted to the date of service that I thought I was paying for?

    If you mail in a payment, your payment will be applied to the oldest balance outstanding to avoid collection activity. If you want to ensure your payment is applied to the date of service you are paying for, please utilize our online bill pay.

  • I would like to mail my payment, what address do I mail it to?

    P.O. Box 31696
    Tampa, FL 33631-3696

  • How do I contact Customer Service?
  • Do you charge a transaction fee for paying online or by phone?

    No. BayCare does not charge a transaction fee for paying online or by phone.

  • How can I pay in cash?

    Cash payments can be made in person at the facility where you received care.

  • Medicare did not cover my lab test. Why was I charged for my lab test?

    At the laboratory draw site you signed an Advanced Beneficiary Notice form. This form states that if Medicare deems the test as an uncovered procedure, you will be responsible for the balance due. This can happen, for example, when Medicare will only cover one type of test annually and you need a second test during the same year.

  • I received a bill for my physical from my primary care physician, why did I have additional charges?

    If you discussed anything outside of well issues you may be responsible for a copayment per your insurance. Well visits are for well issues only.

  • If offered a shingles/pneumonia vaccine will my insurance cover these services?

    We recommend contacting your insurance company before receiving the vaccine to ensure this is a covered charge under your policy.

  • I already paid my hospital bill. Why did I receive a second bill from the pathologist, radiologist, ER physician, anesthesiologist, etc.?

    Other medical specialists, such as a radiologist or an ER physician, may have provided services during your hospital stay. You will be billed separately for these services.

  • Why is my copay a specialist copay instead of a PCP copay?

    You selected a specialist as your primary care physician. You need to update your coordination of benefits with your insurance carrier and select a primary care physician, not a specialist.

  • If I set up a payment plan, am I required to pay interest?

    Payment plans through MedMaxFinance are interest-free for a minimum of the first six months. After six months, a low-interest rate of 5.99% is charged on the outstanding balance.

  • Can I receive my bill electronically?

    For hospitals, imaging, and labs, you can request to receive your bills electronically. If you have already received a paper bill and would like to have it resent electronically, please send your request to: or call Customer Service.

  • I have a question regarding the amount due reflected on my bill.

    Your insurance company determines your patient responsibility; please contact them with any questions.

  • Will BayCare discount my co-insurance amount?

    We do not discount deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance under any circumstance.

  • I received my statement, but the amount due does not match my explanation of benefits.  What should I do?

    Your first step should be to contact your insurance company.

  • Shouldn’t my providers know what my insurance plan covers?

    It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their insurance benefits and coverage. Your provider understands what is recommended for your age and gender, but not the specifics of your insurance benefits.

  • I called my insurance because my visit was not covered and they told me if the code was changed it will be covered. Will you change the code?

    BayCare has to bill the code that represents the services that are appropriate to your visit.

  • When is my statement balance due?

    Your balance is due upon receipt of the statement.

  • I cannot pay my bill. What can I do?

    At BayCare, we provide superior health care for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. If you do not have health insurance, we may be able to help you with your bill. BayCare offers financial assistance to qualified patients. Click here for more information about financial assistance programs or call (855) 233-1555. BayCare also offers customized payment plans through MedMaxFinance. These payment plans are interest-free for the first six months and then offer a low interest rate of 5.99% until your bill is paid. For more information, visit or call (855) 533-5200. If you ignore your hospital bill, it may be sent to a collection agency and could affect your credit score.

Additional Resources for Billing and Insurance