Women's Health and Wellness in Your 30s

Health in Your 30s

Many women consider their 30s to be a time of growth. So, whether you are growing your career or growing your family, BayCare is here for you. As the leading women's health services provider, we offer comprehensive and quality care throughout the Tampa Bay Area. With services ranging from your annual well visit with your primary care doctor or your yearly gynecology visit with an OB/GYN, we're here to make navigating your health that much easier.

Screenings & Vaccinations

It is important to stay on top of the immunizations and screenings needed to continue living a happy and healthy life as we age.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
    It is important to have a regular pap smear to screen for cervical cancer. This test is performed every three years as determined by your healthcare provider.
  • Blood Pressure Screening
    If you have a low risk for heart disease, it is recommended that you get your blood pressure checked every other year. However, some may require annual screenings, so check with your health care provider on recommendations.
  • Breast Exam
    Regularly examining your breasts on your own each month is an easy way to look and feel for any abnormalities. Combined with the breast exam performed during your annual check-up, you have a higher chance of finding cancer early, when it's more like to be treated successfully.
  • Diabetes Screening
    Nearly 15% of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, a metabolic disease identified by high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). By 35, your physician may recommend an A1C test to diagnose prediabetes, type 1, or type 2 diabetes.
  • Thyroid Function
    Thyroid (a gland in the endocrine system) dysfunction symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, high cholesterol, increased sweating, or depression. To diagnose whether you are experiencing hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, your health care provider may request a thyroid blood test at 35 or as needed.
  • Cholesterol Blood Panel
    Monitoring your cholesterol is an important part of heart disease prevention. Depending on your personal and family medical history, your health care provider may offer lifestyle adjustments to reduce your risk of heart disease. Typically, your cholesterol levels are checked every 5 years or annually if your results are high.
  • TDaP Vaccine booster
    The TDaP vaccine helps protect against Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis, all of which are serious diseases. Boosters are recommended every 10 years for adults.
  • Flu Shot
    The flu vaccine is the best chance to avoid getting the flu. It is important to get the flu vaccine every year as soon as it is available. Learn more.