Postpartum Pelvic Pain

A woman is experiencing postpartum pelvic pain.If you delivered your baby vaginally, you might experience some pain and other issues in your pelvic area.

Pregnancy continues to cause changes in your body after your bundle of joy arrives, and postpartum care is important as you recover.

Soreness from a vaginal tear might be painful for a few weeks or longer if the tear is extensive, according to the Mayo Clinic, which offers the following suggestions for moms:

  • Sit on a padded ring or pillow if you’re uncomfortable while sitting
  • When you’re urinating, use a squeeze bottle and pour warm water over your vulva
  • During bowel movements, press a clean washcloth or pad firmly against your wound
  • Use an ice pack to cool your wound, or put a chilled witch hazel pad between your wound and a sanitary napkin
  • Take stool softeners or pain relievers that your health care provider recommends

Your healing will take time, but if your pain gets worse, you think you might have a urinary tract infection or you experience problems with your wound, such as swelling or a pus-like discharge, contact your health care provider immediately.