Who is Coming to Help

Week 36

After your baby is born, you’ll probably have family and friends offering to help—and you should definitely take them up on it! A few extra hands at home can make those first few weeks so much easier, for both you and baby. So, how can you make the most of offers to help, when everything seems so overwhelming? 

Make a list

So much of the time, people want to help, but they just don’t know what to do. Making a list of things you need help with will allow you to feel more in control, and give well-meaning helpers some guidance on what would make your life easier.

Here are some ideas:

  • wash and/or dry laundry 
  • fold clothes 
  • wash dishes/empty the dishwasher 
  • help with pets (feeding, walking, litter boxes, etc.) 
  • help send out updates or make phone calls 
  • run errands 
  • vacuum 
  • prepare a meal (and if they make something you really love, request it!) 
  • drive you to an appointment 
  • help write “Thank You” cards 
  • watch the baby while you shower (if they are a safe caregiver) 
  • help with/give attention to older kids 
  • …and anything else you find you need help with!

Name a team leader

Sometimes it can be overwhelming just trying to manage everyone who wants to help. Consider naming a trusted friend or family member as the team leader—they can keep track of who is coming to help, what they will be doing, who is bringing a meal on what day, etc. This way, you can just enjoy having the help, without having to worry about the logistics! 

Feel free to turn down help you don’t need 

Only you know what kind of help you do (and don’t) need, and you may not have a good idea until you spend a day or two at home. Too much help can be as bad as not enough, and you may find that you would rather have extra private time—just you and your baby. Remember that it’s okay to politely thank people for their offer, and then tell them that you don’t need any help that day.   

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