Gender Reveal Ideas


Back in the day, a baby’s gender was revealed when he or she was born. Then it became common practice for parents to find out during an ultrasound. Now, the gender reveal has become an art form, with many parents finding out for themselves at the same time as everyone else—sometimes in dramatic fashion. And now, without further ado, here are our top ideas to reveal the exciting news.

Holi powder

Originally used in traditional Hindu rituals, Holi powder has become a staple of the gender reveal. You can shoot it out of a cannon, hide it in bath bombs and chuck them in a kiddie pool, fill balloons and pop them for a colorful explosion… get creative! You can buy Holi powder all over the internet, or even find an easy recipe to make it yourself using cornstarch.

Colored balloons

This one’s super-easy—just decorate a large cardboard box and fill it with helium balloons in either pink or blue. When the time comes, just open the box and release your reveal.


You can fill almost anything with pink or blue confetti and create an instant party atmosphere:

  • one giant balloon 
  • pinata 
  • confetti poppers 
  • cannon

Silly string

Who doesn’t love a silly string fight? You can buy specialty cans online with the color hidden, or just buy the appropriate color and cover the can with your own label to hide the big news.

Paint guns

For a messy twist on the surprise reveal, have an assistant fill water guns with nontoxic paint in either pink or blue. You and your partner can come to the party dressed in white and let friends and family “decorate” your outfits.