Fun Ways to Document Your Baby Bump


There are lots of fun and creative ways to track your growing baby bump. One of the easiest (and most fun to look at later) is to take a picture of yourself from the side each week. Make sure you take it in the same location, with the same lighting and wearing the same clothes. You may already feel big and bloated now, but just wait until you look back on this week from about week 38!

Here are some fun ways to jazz up your belly shots:

  • Use a measuring tape each week to get an exact measurement. It’s fun to feature the tape in the photos, or even mark the date of the measurement each week and keep the tape as a keepsake.
  • Make a time-lapse video with your daily or weekly belly shots to watch it grow in not-so-real time.
  • Look up the size of your baby at each week as compared to a common item, like a piece of fruit. You can then hold that fruit in your hand above your growing belly.
  • Take your photos next to a cute chalkboard or letterboard to show how many weeks you are along, and any other information you’d like to share.
  • Feature your craving of the week in each photo—you could be eating it or just staring at it longingly during the photo shoot.
  • If you have older children, include them in your weekly bump photos. You could go for fun and candid, with the older sibling making funny faces, or sweet and loving, with the older child resting their face on your bump.

However you decide to document your pregnancy, make sure to set reminders to make sure you never miss a week. These are precious times and you won’t have a second chance to keep these memories.