Physical Activities for Kids

Children have a lot of energy to expel throughout the day. Playing outside is a great option for kids to get exercise and fresh air. However, physical activities outside can bring children and parents close to some potentially dangerous situations. Both children and adults must learn to play smart.

From a Child’s Point of View

Adults have experience on their side, but children are new to the world and have their own perception. When supervising children, it’s essential to realize they don’t know how quickly a car can stop or how fast it’s going. When approaching a crosswalk, playing in the driveway, or riding a bike with children, parents must teach them to look both ways and never cross without an adult.

Riding a tricycle and learning to ride a bike is a big step for children, and precautions must be taken to keep them safe:

  • Wear a helmet – it’s the law
  • Wear closed-toed shoes
  • Tuck in baggy clothing that might interfere with the chain
  • Check the air in the tires, the brakes and the chain

Learn More about Kid Safety

To learn more helpful tips to keep your children safe, browse our list of children’s health and safety classes and events offered in Tampa, Clearwater, Riverview, Winter Haven, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Plant City, Safety Harbor, Brandon and the surrounding areas.