Weight Loss After 55

A senior woman is holding a tape measure after a workout session.Let’s face it, losing weight at any age can be a struggle. They say it’s all downhill after a certain age, but some things just never get any easier. Between limiting some of your favorite foods and getting back to the gym, weight loss goals can seem unimaginable. Later in life, we are pulled in a number of directions that can cause us to eat on the run or slack off at the gym. Excess fat is not something to ignore regardless of how old you are. So, while those last 10 pounds can seem impossible at your age, it can be done. Here’s how:

  • Seek advice from your physician before starting an exercise routine. After the age of 60, the likelihood of medical problems begins to increase.
  • Your focus should be on fat loss, how your clothing fits, and not the scale. Do your best to stay away from the bathroom scale. Focusing on a number can distract you from the goal of getting healthy.  If all you focus on is the scale you could put yourself at risk for losing muscle or bone mass. Measuring your waist is a great place to start. Fitness trainers use a basic rule of thumb when measuring progress, your waist should be no more than half your height. For instance, if you are a 5’ 4” (or 64 inches) your waist should measure at 32 inches or less. 
  • Add strength training to your routine. Since muscle mass decreases with inactivity, starting at the age of 50. But strength training doesn’t mean having to buy a new set of free weights. Activities like carrying groceries, body weight exercises like yoga and gardening, which requires digging, lifting and carrying.
  • Integrate some stretching and flexibility training. It may help preserve the range of motion they need to perform daily tasks and other physical activities. The American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommend two days a week of flexibility training, in sessions at least 10 minutes long.

By putting a few of these tips to good use, you can safely focus achieve your fat loss goals, fit into that new outfit, improve your golf game or just keep up with the grandkids. 

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