Don't Stress for Success

As a millennial, the Pew Research Center reports that you’re part of the largest generation in the U.S., with more than 75.4 million members. Your influence means something. Marketers covet you, politicians strive to win your votes, everybody is trying to win you over.

You’re also the most stressed generation according to the American Psychological Association. You’re feeling the pressure and your anxiety level is way, way up there. Being overloaded with career, social, personal and recreational pursuits can contribute to your angst.

Here’s some reasons for your stress level and ways to cope.

Work-a-holics: You’re upwardly mobile, ambitious and career oriented. You work long hours, are always “clocked in,” even when you’re away from the workplace, and you don’t use all your time off.
The fix: Adjust that work-life balance. Talk to your boss about workload and deadlines. Stop checking your work email when you’re not at work. Give yourself more time and space away from the job. It’ll actually help you achieve your career aspirations.

Digital drowning: You’re overwhelmed and addicted to social media, texts and email. Technology is stressing you out as you struggle to stay in-the-know with everything going on.
The fix: Put the phone or laptop away. Read a book instead. Go for a technology-free walk. Call or meet in person with a friend. Don’t sleep with the phone on.

Chained to a desk or cubicle: A sedentary, sitting lifestyle is bad for your health. It’s mundane and tedious and can lead to confining and anxious feelings.
The fix: Get up and walk around several times a day. It’ll improve your outlook and energize you. It’ll get the blood and oxygen pumping and wake up the brain. And it’ll help get you out of a workday rut. See what’s up elsewhere in your environment or outside.

You are what you eat and drink: You eat unhealthy, convenience foods or regularly skip meals because you’re too busy.
The fix: Eat healthier foods that you prepare yourself, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t skip meals which can cause feelings of anxiety. Snack on granola bars, nuts and fruits. They won’t substitute for meals but will keep you from going hungry. Also, cut back on the caffeine.  You don’t have to entirely eliminate the coffee but one a day is plenty.

Sleep deprivation: You’ve only got 24 hours to get everything done so you forego proper amounts of sleep.
The fix: Make sleep a priority, go to bed earlier and at the same time every night.

Negative people: Maybe you’re surrounded by negative, depressing people who complain and whine. They could be friends, co-workers, family members or people in your social circle.

The fix: Be careful who you hang with, talk with or listen to. Don’t fall into their traps, which can be contagious. Keep your space, change the topic, think more positive thoughts and keep things in your own perspective, not theirs.