Better with a Buddy

A young woman and man are doing leg exercises at the fitness center.Committing to a workout and exercise plan is the easy part. Actually doing the workout is the hard part. Motivation is the biggest obstacle. About half of those beginning a new exercise program abandon it within three to six months.

Need a Motivator?

Can’t seem to get out of bed for that early morning jog? Do you find every excuse not to go to the gym or use the fitness trail at the park? Here’s a solution. Find a workout partner. You’ll be more disciplined if another person (or group of people) is waiting for you or depending on you. You’ll be more inclined to get out of bed for that jog if you know your doorbell will ring or if you’ve committed to ringing your workout partner’s doorbell. You don’t want to stand up your workout partner by being a no show at the gym or the park.

Ask a Friend

Working out with a friend, family member or significant other will intensify your workout and allow you to get more out of it. You’ll push each other and you’ll work harder than if you were alone. Working out with a partner is fun too. The conversation and banter will keep your mind off the “pain.” You can commiserate together while you sweat. A partner will also make the workout seem to go faster.

If you can’t recruit a like-minded friend or family member, consider finding a workout partner in these ways:

  • Your gym might have an online community or social media tool where potential workout partners can meet. Or, your gym might have an old-fashioned bulletin board with index cards where those seeking workout partners post messages. Also, ask the people working at the front desk of your gym. They talk with everybody and might be able to help you find a match.
  • There are many apps and websites that pair workout partners according to locations, schedules, type of workout and fitness goals. A simple Google search of “ways to find out a workout partner” will yield lots of results. Make sure to use online safety when searching online for a partner. 

A workout partner can help stay committed to your workout goals and you can celebrate together as your reach milestones.

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