Healthy Snacks for Soon-to-be Toddlers

cute redhead toddler baby biting tasty green appleIs there anyone pickier about what they eat than a 2-year-old? If you’re having trouble figuring out nutritious ways to fill that little tummy, you’re not alone. At this age, toddlers need to eat more than their little tummies can hold at mealtimes, so it’s important to incorporate healthy snacks (that they’ll actually eat!) into their day. 

What makes a good snack?

To give your child the fuel he or she needs, snacks and meals should include carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables. Or, if you like, you can use snack time to fill in any food group gaps from the previous meal. 

Snack ideas at home

Stock your fridge and pantry with wholesome, easy-to-serve snacks like:

  • Apple slices with peanut (or other nut) butter
  • String cheese and whole wheat crackers
  • Crinkle-cut carrot chips or baby carrots with hummus or low-fat ranch 
  • Bean dip or mashed avocado with whole grain tortilla chips
  • Smoothies made with frozen fruit, yogurt and milk
  • Plain yogurt topped with granola, berries or bananas
  • Cottage cheese with cut fruit
  • Kabobs with cheese cubes, and various cut fruits and/or veggies 
  • Whole grain waffles spread with peanut butter or cream cheese, or made into a fruit “sandwich”

Snacks on the go

Looking for something easy to throw in a backpack or diaper bag? Try these ideas:

  • Fruit pouches (some of these even include some veggies!)
  • Lower sugar granola bars
  • Freeze-dried fruit
  • Dried vegetables
  • Trail mix (make your own with whole grain cereal, raisins, pretzels, etc.)
  • Snack bars, energy/protein bars (make sure they don’t have too much sugar)