The List Goes On: How to Get It All Done with a Newborn

African American mother with baby in carrier

There comes a moment when all the relatives have left, your spouse or partner has returned to work and you’re alone with your newborn. What do you do when the dog is barking, after the oven beeps, the laundry needs to be changed over and your hair is in desperate need of a wash? Being at home with a newborn can take a little extra planning. Here are a few tips that may help keep your to-do list from getting thrown out with dirty diapers.

Bring the baby – Depending on your activity for the day, make good use of your baby carrier, bouncy seat or swing. These tools give you your hands back. Move the swing into the kitchen when doing to dishes or cooking dinner. Use a bouncy seat when you need to use the bathroom or take a shower. The carrier can be helpful when you need to walk the dog, get the mail, put the laundry away or take a phone call.

Ask for help – Do you have a pet that may not be getting as much attention now? Try a local daycare center or dog walking service to make sure they’re getting some exercise. Need a break? Ask a trusted family member or friend to watch the baby while you take a nap, go shopping or run a few errands. Join a mommy and me class or a local support group for new moms. Other moms may have some tips and tricks you didn’t think of. Finally, get things done when your baby is napping.

Plan ahead – Try saving your shower for early in the morning when your spouse is still home and you can take your time. Ready to squeeze in an at-home yoga session? Set an early alarm and namaste your way into a new day when someone else is home to keep an ear out for the baby monitor.

Keep a list – Use notes in your phone or calendar reminders to help keep track of appointments, schedules, groceries and things to do around the house. Even if you don’t have time to do it, write it down so when you do have a minute or two between feedings and changing, you can make use of that time. It’s also something great to refer to if friends or family stop by and ask if you need any help.

Take advantage of online services - Are you running low on food or diapers? At-home delivery is the latest trend in a lot of retail businesses like Publix, Wal-Mart and Target. Grocery stores and superstores are offering at-home delivery of groceries, as well as curbside pick up. Online stores, like Amazon, also have services that will deliver same day, within two hours or on a pre-set frequency.

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