Basic First Aid for New Parents

A father helps his son who injured his leg playing soccer. It’s completely natural for new parents to be concerned and anxious about their children, especially when they are young. However, there is only so much new parents can do to prevent the occasional accident. Being a prepared and well-educated parent is the best first step parents can take. While at-home care is no substitute for seeking professional medical attention, there are some things you can do at home to treat the boo-boos, big and small.

Small Cuts and Scrapes

Little ones learning to walk are unstable and can easily take a little spill here and there. In the event that these little tumbles result in a cut or a scrape, use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash and clean the wound. Gently pat the area with sterile gauze to dry. Using an antibacterial ointment and a bandage may help keep the wound moist. Be sure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients. 


A bruise is caused by blood vessels getting damaged under the skin. The area may become red or purplish and will eventually fade as the bruise becomes to heal. Parents should apply a cold compress to decrease the pain and swelling. Wrap a cloth around an ice pack so it’s not too cold. Lots of parents have a special boo-boo bunny they keep in the freezer for these specific occasions.


Second and third degree burns should be treated by calling 911. For a first degree burn remove the baby from danger and cool the burned area by flushing the area with cool water. Loosely cover the burned area with clean, dry gauze to reduce pain or infection. Do not apply ice directly to any burn and stay away from home remedies like butter, grease or powder. For more information, contact your doctor.

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