Ways to Enhance Physical Development

Your baby may be reaching all of his milestones on time, he may be way ahead of his peers, or maybe he’s a late bloomer. Or, more likely, he’s a combination of all three: early on some milestones, late on others, “average” on a skill or two. Regardless, at this age, babies are a ton of fun, and both of you will enjoy games and activities that encourage his physical development.

Floor time

There are lots of games to play with your baby right in the living room floor:

  • Teach him how to roll a ball.
  • Show him how to put objects inside a box or cup, dump them out, and do it all over again!
  • If he’s mobile, you can play hide-and-seek by “hiding” partway behind a nearby chair or table. Reward him with hugs and kisses when he “finds” you!
  • Help baby build a block tower or stack objects as high as he can—and enjoy his surprise when it falls down.

Going mobile

To help your child on his path to mobility, engage in activities like:

  • Continue tummy time, and give him motivation to do some pushups by raising and lowering a toy in front of him.
  • Encourage crawling by putting a favorite toy in front of your sitting baby, just out of reach.
  • Hold his hands to help him stand, walk or even dance!

Make some noise

Invest in some good ear plugs, and then try some of these ideas:

  • Give baby pots and pans and a wooden spoon, and then watch his delight at all the noise he can make!
  • Give him sealed containers to shake that will make different sounds:
  • A metal coffee can with dried beans inside
  • A cardboard canister filled with dried pasta, oats, rice, etc.
  • A plastic container with beads inside

Mommy jungle gym

This is a great option when you just … can’t … anymore. Lie down on the floor next to your baby and let him do the rest. He will naturally crawl, climb and maybe even pull up using your body as support. This will be a fun activity for years—or at least until he’s too heavy!