In Case of Emergency: Infant CPR

Portrait of an adorable 3 month old baby smiling lying in a bed of white sheetsIt’s something you never want to happen – a medical emergency in which your baby needs CPR – but it’s important to know the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation so you’re prepared if your infant needs help immediately.

BayCare offers infant and child CPR classes, which are based on American Heart Association guidelines, at many of our hospitals around Tampa Bay.

CPR should be performed on a baby who isn’t breathing, is unconscious or has no pulse, according to MedlinePlus, adding that time is vital if an unconscious baby isn’t breathing because permanent brain damage starts after just four minutes without oxygen. It notes that death can happen four to six minutes afterward. MedlinePlus also emphasizes that CPR is best done by someone trained in an accredited CPR course.

If there’s someone to help you during a medical emergency, one of you should call 911 while the other person starts CPR. If you’re by yourself, shout for help and start CPR. If no one has arrived to help you after two minutes of doing CPR, call 911, according to MedlinePlus, noting that you should not move the child if you suspect he or she might have a spinal injury.

BayCare offers infant and child CPR classes. The methods taught are based on the American Heart Association guidelines. Visit to find a class near you.