Pediatric Urology at BayCare

BayCare hospitals have experienced and compassionate specialists dedicated to the thorough treatment of children who are suffering from urological conditions. Some of the most common types of pediatric urological conditions are:

  • Bladder control problems
  • Urinary obstructions
  • Bladder and kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Undescended testicle

When nonsurgical treatments are not successful, your child might be a candidate for a minimally invasive robotic surgical procedure. St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the area that offers robotic-assisted urologic procedures for pediatric patients.

Pediatric Urological Procedures

BayCare’s pediatric surgeons are highly experienced in performing these common urological procedures:

  • Urinary obstruction removal (pyeloplasty) – A pyeloplasty will repair a blockage in the urinary system. The surgeon reattaches the healthy part of the kidney to the healthy part of the ureter. This procedure can be performed robotically under certain circumstances.
  • Partial nephrectomy – The surgeon removes the diseased portion of the kidney, leaving the healthy tissue.
  • Ureteral reimplantation – This procedure can be used to treat vesicoureteral reflux, which occurs when an abnormally positioned ureter allows urine to flow back toward the kidney, instead of entering the bladder. During the procedure, your surgeon repositions, or reimplants the ureter, which prevents urine from backing up.
  • Reconstructive surgery – Your child may require surgical reconstruction of the kidney or bladder due to a birth defect or an underdeveloped kidney or bladder.

To obtain a referral to a pediatric urologist, please call (855) 245-7765 or find a doctor near you.