BayCare encourages you to breastfeed your baby. It is the perfect, healthiest food for your newborn, and as a mother, you can enjoy a special bond unlike any other. We offer prenatal classes about breastfeeding to prepare you for the experience. Plus, your maternity nurse will help you get started within the first hour of birth. We continue to support and encourage you during this breastfeeding journey with breastfeeding support groups, our Breastfeeding helplines, and many resources. We can even help you overcome any difficulties which may arise with specially trained Lactation Consultants.


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Breastfeeding Tips and Information
June 01, 2020

Bobbi Taman, BSN, IBCLC, CLE shares breastfeeding tips for new and expectant mothers. Learn more about BayCare’s maternity services

Breastfeeding Support Groups

To help you get the support and encouragement as a nursing mother, BayCare offers many breastfeeding support groups. View upcoming Support Groups.

Breast Pumps

Talk to healthcare provider for help ordering or renting a breast pump. In some cases, your insurance may cover breast pumps, check with your insurance provider. For more Breastfeeding resources and rentals visit BayCare HomeCare

Interested in Donating Breast Milk?

Many of our Maternity Centers participate in Breast Milk Donor Programs to nourish fragile babies in BayCare Neonatal Intensive Care Units with natural breast milk. This milk is donated by healthy mothers in our community with excess milk. Learn more these programs and how to be a donor. 

Breastfeeding Resources