How to Choose a Pediatrician

BayCare has many qualified pediatricians for you to choose from. However, it is important that you make your decision based on items which are the most important to you. You should select a pediatrician for your baby before your little one is born. The Healthy Children website is backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and offers up some great interview questions for you to discuss with your prospective pediatrician:

  • What medical school did the pediatrician attend, and where did he or she undergo postgraduate and residency training? (Medical directories such as the Directory of Medical Specialists and the American Medical Directory can be found in many public libraries and can help answer these questions.)
  • What are the doctor's current hospital appointments? If it becomes necessary for your child to be hospitalized, where would he be admitted?
  • Is the pediatrician's office in a convenient location? Is it easily accessible by car or public transportation?
  • Are the office hours convenient for your schedule? If you are a working parent, you may desire evening or weekend hours.
  • What is the doctor's policy on taking and returning phone calls? Is there a nurse in the office who can answer routine questions?
  • Is the doctor in a group practice with other physicians? Does another doctor cover for the doctor at times? Who handles phone calls when the office is closed or during vacations?
  • Do you sense a genuine interest by the doctor in the problems of your child, including particular health disorders he or she may have?
  • Do both the physician and the office staff appear courteous, attentive and patient? Or do you feel rushed in the office, as though the doctor is eager to move on to the next patient?
  • How are visits for acute illnesses handled? Can you make an appointment on short notice if your child needs to see the pediatrician because of a sore throat, for example?
  • Does the doctor communicate clearly, using clear language (not medical jargon) to explain illnesses and treatments, and does the doctor make an effort to answer all of your questions?
  • What are the doctor's fees for sick visits, routine examinations, and immunizations? What is the office policy regarding the processing of insurance forms?
  • In what managed-care programs does the doctor participate?
  • If your child should ever develop a complex illness that necessitates the care of one or more specialists, will your pediatrician coordinate care among all the doctors providing treatment?

If you would like to call and receive a pediatric physician referral, please call (888) 828-9580 or find a pediatrician near you.