Specialized Diabetes Equipment

Your physician, or our Certified Diabetes Educators, may prescribe special equipment to manage your diabetes. Many of the latest technologies and supplies are conveniently available through our home care services, including:

  • Glucometers - a portable tool to measure and monitor blood sugar levels (glucose levels), letting people with diabetes know whether their glucose level is higher than desired, lower than expected, or within an acceptable range
  • Glucose sensors - continuous glucose sensing systems have a sensor that is placed underneath the skin to measure the glucose found in the fluid between cells, a small transmitter worn on the body that connects to the sensor, and a hand-held cell-phone-sized receiver that displays the current glucose levels and trends
  • Insulin pumps - these pumps deliver fast-acting insulin throughout the day via a catheter, replacing the need for periodic injections

To purchase these supplies, contact BayCare HomeCare Medical Supplies at (727) 535-8362.