Cancer Treatment

There are many different types of cancer treatments available depending on the type of cancer you have, where it is in your body, and what stage your cancer has reached. It is important to talk openly and honestly with your doctor about your treatment plan, goals, and any side effects you may expect.

The most common treatments for cancer are:

Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy can be used together or separately. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is often used to reduce the size of a tumor before surgery. However, your health care provider may want to remove much of the cancer as possible before you undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Other types of cancer treatment include: 

  • Targeted therapy - the use of drugs that specifically attack cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy cells
  • Immunotherapy - also called biologic therapy, uses a person's own immune system to fight cancer
  • Hormone therapy - this stops the body from making hormones, causing cancer cells to grow more slowly or die

Biomarker testing

Biomarker testing (also called tumor testing, tumor profiling, or tumor genetic testing) finds changes in your cancer that could help you and your doctor choose your cancer treatment.

Additional Treatment Resources

The American Cancer Society offers a wide array of resources and helpful tools to assist individuals undergoing cancer treatment and their loved ones. You can learn more about:

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