Managing Your Breast Health

There is no proven way to prevent breast cancer, but according to the American Cancer Society, there are certain things you can do to lower your risk:

  • Decrease alcohol consumption
  • Maintain a healthy weight, especially after menopause
  • Maintain a weekly exercise schedule of 70 minutes of moderate to intense exercise
  • Consider birth control and hormone therapy options carefully, as their effects can vary
  • Breastfeed your children if possible

However, there are some risk factors that cannot be controlled by smart lifestyle choices:

  • Gender – women are far more likely to develop breast cancer than men, but it can occur in men
  • Age – the risk of breast cancer increases with age
  • Family history* – women with relatives who have had breast cancer are more likely to develop the disease
  • Race – while white women are slightly more likely to get breast cancer, African American women are at a higher risk of dying from breast cancer

*See Breast Cancer Genetic Risk