Who We Help

One in five American adults, nearly 44 million people, will experience a mental health disorder in a given year. However, mental health disorders don’t just affect adults. Twenty-one percent of youth (aged 13-18) will experience a severe mental disorder in their lifetime.

Mental health disorders affect the young and the elderly, men and women, military veterans and civilians. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or not. Mental health disorders do not discriminate and can be experienced by anyone, regardless of race, religion, orientation or economic status.

BayCare Behavioral Health is here to assist anyone struggling with mental health disorders. Our experts treat all types of disorders including depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, schizophrenia and more. We provide a full range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of children, adults and families.

Children and Youth

At BayCare Behavioral Health, we recognize that while both an adult and a child may experience anxiety, depression or other disorders, working with children experiencing a mental health disorder is unique. Our specially trained staff work with not only the child, but also the parents, families and caregivers to find the right interventions and treatment options. Our specialists treat children suffering from a wide range of mental health disorders including trauma, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.


BayCare Behavioral Health works with veterans and their families to offer support and assistance for conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. In addition to our behavioral health professionals, BayCare offers a Veteran and Family Support Services program in Pasco County that offers free support groups to veterans and their families.


At BayCare Behavioral Health, we offer a variety of resources to help you and your loved ones get help when you need it:

  • If you need immediate crisis assistance, call 911.
  • If you have questions related to insurance or verification of benefits for behavioral health care, call our registration center Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm at (877) 850-9613.
  • For local health and human services resources and information outside of our registration center hours, call 211 to reach Tampa Bay Cares for free, confidential help.
  • Still unsure of where to begin, let our guide help you navigate the process.
  • To schedule an appointment with a behavioral health professional, call our registration center Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm at (877) 850-9613.