Assistance Programs

BayCare Behavioral Health offers comprehensive assistance programs and mental health services to benefit the communities we serve across west central Florida.

Our services for adults, students and families include: 

  • Employee Assistance Program
    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and other workplace services provide a confidential and voluntary support system for employees to help manage stress and strains of everyday living affecting their well-being at home and work. The program provides short-term professional services helping employees with personal and family problems. By providing guidance to employees early on, the EAP also can help reduce lost productivity and absenteeism. BayCare Behavioral Health provides EAP services to over 40 employers, which amounts to more than 85,000 employees, across the state of Florida. 
    To learn more about incorporating BayCare's EAP program at your workplace, call (800) 878-5470.

  • Faith-based Counseling and Support Services
    BayCare provides several faith-based counseling programs across the Tampa Bay area including our Congregational and Parish Assistance Programs. These programs offer professional mental health services to members of faith communities who may be suffering with personal stressors. Today’s complex world is filled with emotional challenges which, when left unresolved, can interfere with experiencing the joy of life. Our Assistance Programs are structured to provide short-term counseling and guidance, in addition to access to a comprehensive network of licensed clinicians. 
    To learn more about BayCare's Faith-based Counseling and Support Services, call (800) 878-5470.

  • Family Assistance Program
    The Family Assistance Program (FAP) involves everyone to help a student achieve a positive school experience. Everyone invested in the student’s success contributes to the physical, mental, and spiritual resilience needed to obtain a good educational foundation. The program helps students, their families and school staff cope with problems interfering with a successful and positive experience in the elementary, middle and high school years. 
    To learn more about BayCare's Family Assistance program, call (800) 878-5470.

  • Student Assistance Program
    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides comprehensive resources helping students to cope with challenges interfering with a completing a successful college experience. SAP offers resources guiding students successfully through life’s ups and downs. Studies have shown that providing SAP services has resulted in increased retention among college students. BayCare provides SAP services to nine state and community colleges in Florida, covering more than 200,000 students.
    To learn more about BayCare's SAP program, call (800) 878-5470.

  • Doc Be Well™ – Physician Assistance Program
    The Doc Be Well Assistance Program is a coordinated, comprehensive, and confidential suite of services specifically for physicians. The program helps physicians build the coping skills and resources necessary to meet unexpected life challenges, stay engaged in their daily environment, and achieve an overall positive productive and personal experience in their professional endeavors. Physician may elect to engage in counseling or coaching sessions with a psychiatrist, master’s- or doctoral-level mental health clinician.
    To learn more about BayCare’s support for physicians’ emotional wellbeing, call (833) 543-8913.