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  • Neurosciences Services in Tampa Bay

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In Tampa Bay, more people choose BayCare for their neurology and neurosurgery services than any other health care system.

In the last twelve months alone, we have treated more than 7,500 people with a broad range of neurological conditions, including dementia, movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, tumors of the brain and spine, multiple sclerosis and stroke. In fact, BayCare is Tampa Bay’s leader in stroke care.

From infants to seniors, BayCare has a team of expert neurosurgeons and neurologists that specialize in the most complex and the most common neurologic conditions. In addition to our ten hospitals, BayCare makes advanced neurological care convenient and accessible to you. From our imaging centers, which feature the latest technology in early diagnosis, to the more than 2,000 physicians we work with, to our educational and support groups, BayCare offers the wellness, prevention, early detection, and specialized treatment you need to cover your neurological and neurosurgical needs.

We provide treatment for:

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