2025 Graduates

Yasmine Akhiyat

Yasmine Akhiyat, MD

Palatka, Florida
Undergraduate education: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Medical school: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa, Florida

In Her Own Words: 

“When applying to Family Medicine residencies, some of my top considerations for a program were a well-rounded and strong curriculum, supportive faculty and co-residents, and a location where I would be happy living in over the next three years. I feel fortunate I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at the USF MPM-FMR as a medical student and find that the program met all these criteria and more. I could sense the camaraderie between faculty, residents, and staff and see how dedicated the faculty were when it came to tailoring individual residents’ experiences to fit their interests.”

About Dr. Akhiyat: 

Dr. Akhiyat was born and raised in the small town of Palatka, Florida. She saw the way her father, an OB/GYN physician and early role model, communicated with his patients and helped them through difficult times. Later, she too found her call to medicine while volunteering at a local pro-bono clinic. Medical school furthered her interest in Family Medicine as she appreciated the breadth of the field, continuity of care, and the aspects of preventative medicine. Her special interests include nutrition, volunteering, and medical education. In her free time, Dr. Akhiyat likes spending time with family and friends, reading, trying new recipes, and getting outdoors by walking, biking, or sports. 

Michele Bohlmann

Michele Bohlmann, MD 

Hometown: Lakewood Ranch, FL
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, Minor in Chemistry, Florida State University
Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

In Her Own Words:

“USF MPM was my top choice for residency because I loved the friendly environment paired with support from faculty and current residents. I feel that I can explore my personal interests in medicine while getting a strong foundation for my entire career. I was thrilled to find out I matched here, and getting to stay close to home is a huge plus.”

About Dr. Bohlmann:

Dr. Bohlmann was born in Illinois and lived in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Michigan before settling in Florida at the age of 10. Since middle school, she loved medicine as a way to combine her love for community and biology. Specifically, she has a vested interested in serving her fellow LGBTQ+ community members through the art of medicine. Dr. Bohlmann found family medicine to be the perfect fit, as it would poise her to be skilled in specific LGBTQ+ health needs, while having a thorough understanding of the medicine need to serve people of all walks of life. She is additionally passionate about adolescent medicine and reproductive care. She hopes to stay in the Tampa Bay Area after residency, practicing as an outpatient physician. 

In her free time, Dr. Bohlmann enjoys spending time with her cat, April; playing video games, and working on her latest craft or drawing.

Lorraine Hoyos

Lorraine Hoyos, MD

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Minor in Health Disparities in Society, University of Florida 
Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine

In Her Own Words:

“I had the privilege of completing an internship at the USF MPM Family Medicine program and found myself surrounded by residents, faculty and staff that share my passion for prevention, education, and equitable, evidence-based medicine. I felt right at home and immediately knew there’s was a family I wanted to be a part of.”

About Dr. Hoyos:

Dr. Hoyos was born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida. She then went to the University of Florida (UF) where she got a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Health Disparities in Society. Before attending the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, she worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the UF Institute on Aging, where she studied pain in older adults. Her experiences there along with her passion for serving vulnerable populations, founded her desire to pursue Family Medicine training. During her free time, Dr. Hoyos enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and two lab-pit rescues, Lucy and Luna. She loves trying new restaurants, hiking, biking, weightlifting, kayaking and paddleboarding. 

Mausam Mehta

Mausam Mehta, MD

Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Minor in General Public Health at University of South Florida
Medical school: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

In Her Own Words:

"After rotating through USF/MPM throughout my medical school clerkships, I knew that this program would be a fit for me, with the warm and welcoming personalities of the faculty and staff. I am interested in exploring various aspects of primary care, including integrative medicine, preventive medicine and academic medicine, and I am very happy to be able to do that at this residency program. Moreover, I'm so grateful to have found a program where I feel like I fit and that fits me. I am excited to continue growing with the USF/MPM family!"

About Dr. Mehta:

Dr. Mehta was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. She completed her undergraduate studies and medical school studies at USF. Her interest in family medicine stems from the relationship and continuity of care that her father, as a dentist, had with his patients, which she observed in her childhood. This interest in family medicine was further solidified throughout her medical school experience, during which she also explored the roles of public health and alternative pharmacotherapy, as related to primary care. In the future, Dr. Mehta hopes to integrate her various experiences into how she cares for her patients, as well as give back to the medical community by mentoring medical students, as her mentors did for her. During her free time, Dr. Mehta enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling/exploring new places, cooking (and eating!) great food, playing videogames, listening to music, and playing with her family's African Grey parrot, Babu. 

Kirstyn Thomas

Kirstyn Thomas, MD

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

In Her Own Words:

“While choosing a residency program, I was looking for a program that supported resident’s individual goals while providing a well-rounded experience with a diverse patient population, and USF/MPM really stuck out to me. Though interview day was virtual, each interaction I had with faculty and residents at USF was extremely positive and welcoming, and I saw that the program fostered an environment where residents could grow and flourish. When I found out that I matched at USF, my top choice, I was thrilled to join this team.”

About Dr. Thomas:

Dr. Thomas was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and completed her higher education at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout medical school, she developed an interest in underserved medicine while serving as a leader in a student run free clinic. While she hopes to provide care for patients of all ages in her career, she is also interested in Women’s and Reproductive medicine including breastfeeding, as well as academic medicine and teaching. 

In her free time, she can be found running, hiking, spending time on the water swimming, boating, or kayaking with her significant other, or curled up with a book and her cat.  

Brian Troyer

Brian Troyer, MD

Hometown: Lexington, SC
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
Medical School: MD, Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine, Charleston, SC

In His Own Words:

I started my journey in healthcare as a CNA in the Emergency Department at Lexington Medical Center. What sparked my interest in pursuing a career in medicine were the stories my mom shared as a nurse in the local hospital where I grew up. The experiences she shared led me to realize there is no greater honor than caring for those who cannot care for themselves. My passion for general primary care stems from my determination to tackle whatever problem walks through my door and the coordination of care for my patients. Hospital medicine is the highest of my interests which led me to further my medicinal career with USF. Morton Plant is a top-tier hospital devoted to patient care and provides ample opportunity for furthering my knowledge, skills, and abilities. I had the honor to study at Morton Plant during my 4th year of medical school and was immediately drawn to the facilities, people, area, and patients. I am very excited for Morton Plant to be my new home away from home.

About Dr. Troyer:

Dr. Troyer was born in Columbia, SC. He grew up in the suburb of Lexington where prior to college, he participated in team sports including baseball and football and spent many summers fishing and water skiing with family in Santee, SC. Following high school, he studied biology at Wofford College; A small liberal arts school in Spartanburg, SC. Dr. Troyer spent 3 years working as an ER Technician prior to matriculating at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine. His time there confirmed his passion for healthcare and exposed him to the many shortcomings in our current healthcare system. Initially interested in Internal Medicine, Dr. Troyer’s focus changed to Family Medicine during his 3rd year of Medical School. At this time, a mentor came into his life, showed him the endless opportunity and possibilities Family Medicine provides and led Dr. Troyer to envision the Physician he is diligently working to become. 
Dr. Troyer currently lives in Clearwater, FL with his wife, Rebekah, and cat, Figment. They enjoy fishing, long walks, the beach, and trips to Disney. He loves golfing with his Dad and Brother, and he is a huge USC fan. Although away from home, he keeps up with Gamecock athletics and never misses a game.

Vincent Van Berkum

Vincent Van Berkum, MD

Hometown: Panama City Beach, Florida
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Medical School: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

In His Own Words:

"Finding out that I matched into my top choice at USF was an absolute blessing. When I was searching for family medicine programs, I was looking for a robust, flexible, and challenging training environment. However, I knew I was also trying to find the next place to call home. The residents and faculty were very welcoming, kind, and passionate about teaching. I knew from the beginning that USF was the right place for me.”

About Dr. Van Berkum:

Dr. Van Berkum was born in southern California but grew up in the heart of the Florida panhandle in Panama City Beach. He lived with his parents on their small horse ranch where he helped tend to the land, learned how to care for their livestock, and gained an appreciation for the value of family. Growing up, he was surrounded by proud veterans who encouraged him to focus on higher education. Not only did he become the first college graduate in his family, he also became the first to attend medical school. Inspired by his mentors, Dr. Van Berkum decided to become a family medicine physician because of its focus on comprehensive care and emphasis on the patient as an individual, the family unit, and the community as a whole. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, attending concerts, playing guitar, going to the beach, cooking, and weightlifting.

Kathryn Wehrmeyer

Kathryn Wehrmeyer, MD

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Undergraduate Education: BS in Biology, Emory University
Medical School: Augusta University / University of Georgia Medical Partnership

In Her Own Words:

“I was particularly drawn to USF-MPM as its academic affiliation provides the opportunity for research all while being based at Morton Plant, an unopposed and highly-rated community hospital. On my interview day, I was impressed with the USF faculty and residents due to their tight-knit relationships with each other and with the community. I wanted to be part of a community of caring, supportive people and I truly feel that I have found that here at USF."

About Dr. Wehrmeyer:

Dr. Wehrmeyer is a native Tennessee and has spent the last decade living in Atlanta, Georgia. She decided to pursue a career in medicine while working as a clinical researcher. She was drawn to family medicine due to its variety and the ability to form meaningful, long-term relationships with her patients. In the future, Dr. Wehrmeyer plans to pursue a fellowship in palliative care or geriatrics. In her free time, she enjoys running, flying her stunt kite, kayaking, and spending time with her cat Pop Pop.