Specialty Clinics at the Turley Family Health Center

While working at the Turley Family Health Center, residents gain experience in foundational concepts and principles of family medicine. We also have several specialty clinics on site that allow our providers to care for patients and families in a comprehensive team-based manner, while demonstrating to our residents a wide variety of ambulatory procedures and services.

The Women’s Center

For more than 20 years, the Women’s Center has been serving the health care needs of women in our community, through generations and throughout all phases of their lives. Our obstetrical team and resident physicians deliver more than 350 babies every year. We offer full spectrum prenatal and midwifery services. Our Cesarean section rate is below the national average. In addition to prenatal and postpartum care, we offer routine well woman exams, breast exams, mammogram referrals and cervical cancer screening, colposcopy, LEEP, endometrial biopsy procedures, contraception counseling and management including LARC (long acting reversible contraception) options, STD testing and treatment.

Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) Clinic

GWEP clinic was established with the support of a HRSA grant to enhance our geriatrics curriculum. Residents work alongside our core faculty in a multi-disciplinary team to gain hands-on experience caring for geriatric patients. Emphasis is placed on addressing the often complex physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs of older adults. Residents hone their skills in management of acute and chronic health conditions as well as appropriate preventative care for our elderly patients. Through the GWEP grant, we developed an innovative program that coordinates medical with social services for vulnerable elder patients, via a bi-directional referral process with the Area Agency on Aging of Pinellas-Pasco.

Sports Medicine Clinic

At the Turley Family Health Center, we are fortunate to have two sports medicine trained faculty who hold weekly sports medicine clinics at our facility. PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents see patients alongside the sports medicine faculty and our sports medicine fellows during their orthopedic and sports medicine rotations. We care for patients and athletes of all professional levels by referral to our clinic. Sports-related concussions, common orthopedic conditions, and joint injections, with and without ultrasound guidance, are a few services provided in our sports medicine clinics.

Weight Management Clinic

Our clinic site has a dedicated weight management program designed to help our continuity patients manage their obesity-related comorbidities, utilizing physician-guided weight loss tools and methods. This is a unique opportunity for PGY-2 and 3 residents to work one-on-one with core faculty, while meeting a need in our underserved community. Residents learn to apply the four pillars approach when managing obesity – diet, exercise, behavioral modification and pharmacotherapy.

Procedure Clinic

Florida is known as “The Sunshine State,” and with that comes a multitude of skin abnormalities. Procedure clinic is a hands-on specialty clinic providing our residents the opportunity to learn procedures family physicians should be able to perform in their offices. Working one-on-one with our core faculty, residents become proficient in common dermatologic procedures, which include punch biopsies, shave biopsies, cryotherapy, toenail removal, lipoma and sebaceous cyst excisions, as well as excision of most skin cancers.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Clinic

Successful chronic disease management is a cornerstone of family medicine, and the most effective family physicians master the use of inter-professional collaboration to improve the quality of care for patients with chronic medical problems such as diabetes and COPD. Our CCM clinic program includes a family medicine senior resident, a pharmacist, a dietician and a case manager all working together to provide team-based support for our most challenging population of patients with markedly uncontrolled chronic medical problems.

Behavioral Medicine Clinic

Residents and faculty are able to refer patients with behavioral health concerns for evaluation, counseling and/or medication management. Residents work with a core faculty Clinical Psychologist who is also a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine and Psychiatry, and they also work with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Residents learn how to practice biopsychosocial medicine in a truly integrated clinical environment. Our family medicine clinic has been recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home with Distinction in Behavioral Health Integration.

Pharmacy Clinic

With the complexities of medication management, a team approach to patient care increases the likelihood of positive clinical outcomes. Residents and faculty refer patients to our Pharmacy Clinic for consultation in chronic disease management, as well as evaluation of polypharmacy, drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions. Consultation provides an opportunity to explore factors that affect patient adherence to and time to provide in-depth education. PGY2 and PGY3 residents rotate in the Pharmacy Clinic to share in this experience.