Leadership Track

USF-MPM FM Residency - Resident Leadership Track (RLT)

The Resident Leadership Track’s mission is to train family medicine residents to embrace leadership as a tool to effect changes in health care delivery, and to improve the community of patients they serve.  

Leadership Track Goals:

  • To train family medicine residents to embrace leadership as part of their medical mission.
  • To explore leadership philosophy, values, and goals.
  • To prompt physician involvement in leadership by providing a forum for educated debate and discussion that strengthens participants’ inherent leadership skills.
  • To provide a forum for networking opportunities with hospital leadership and committees through experiential learning about the critical issues facing primary care.

Tools for Accomplishing Goals:

  • PGY2 participation in Leadership Book Club Workshops (*books vary per year)
  • PGY3 participation in BayCare’s Physician Leadership Program offerings, as well as USF-MPM FM Residency leadership track meetings and workshops
  • Learning Formats:
  • Computer-based: Online modules and assessments
  • Live sessions: both at Turley FHC and at the BayCare Systems Office
  • Forums: led by BayCare Health System executive team
  • Workshops: small group meetings that emphasize exchange of ideas with demonstration and application of skills learned