Mease Countryside Hospital Unveils Revitalized Pediatric ER

January 12, 2024
A colorful private room provides a child-friendly  environment in the Mease Countryside Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room.
The rooms were designed with a coastal theme to create a calming atmosphere for patients and their families.


The pediatric emergency center at BayCare’s Mease Countryside Hospital will have a new look and feel in the new year, designed to provide patients and families with a warm, compassionate, child-friendly environment with specially trained pediatric providers.

“We are constantly striving to elevate care for our growing community, and we believe these changes will benefit the young patients and families who come to us for emergency treatment,’’ said Kelly Enriquez, president of Mease Hospitals.

Among the highlights:

Specially trained pediatric emergency medical team - Led by a fellowship-trained, board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physician, the clinical team at Mease Countryside Hospital has received special training from the pediatric team at BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. In addition, all the nurses have Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification.

Child-Size Care – The team uses specialized tools and equipment in a range of sizes to treat our smallest patient to the largest.  

Child Life Specialists – These trained professionals specialize in child development. They help explain diagnoses and procedures and use play techniques to distract and calm our young patients, their siblings, and sometimes their parents too!

Kid-Friendly Environment – We offer a kid-friendly environment with a coastal theme. The waiting area and patient rooms provide a calming atmosphere for both patients and families.

Kid-Friendly Treatment – When possible, we use drug-free methods of pain relief and procedures without needles. Our team is trained to talk to kids like they’re kids, to make them feel safe and comforted, including making special sensory tools available such as weighted blankets and special lighting. 

Inpatient Pediatric Unit – This unit is specially designed for children who need to be admitted to the hospital.

Specialized Support and Resources – We offer highly specialized care that caters to the unique medical needs of children combined with an extensive support system through St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa. Pediatric specialists at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital are available for consultation on complex cases, if necessary. 

“We’re excited about these enhancements,’’ Enriquez said. “We are now able to provide quality, compassionate care in a new, warm and welcoming space.” 



A diverse group of  specially trained pediatric nurses and physicians wearing scrubs stand  together in the Mease Countryside Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room.
Mease Countryside’s pediatric ER has specially trained pediatric nurses and physicians.

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