Mother and Daughter Share Passion for Nursing at Morton Plant Hospital

May 12, 2023
Two brunette, female nurses with a family resemblance stand together smiling in a hospital hallway.
Anna Moran followed in her mom Louise's footsteps to become a nurse at Morton Plant Hospital.


Nurse Anna Moran, who works nights on Barnard 4, has been around Morton Plant Hospital most of her life. That’s because her mom, Louise Moran, has been a nurse at Morton Plant in Clearwater for 36 years.

Like Anna, Louise learned about nursing by watching her mother, who practiced nursing for 40 years, first in northern New York and then in Florida in Orange Park. “I find health care fascinating,” she said. “I love that we have the opportunity to make someone’s situation a little better.”

Being Louise’s daughter gave Anna many early opportunities to have an inside look at the hospital and the nursing profession. “I remember my dad bringing me in when I was like 5 years old to bring cake to my mom and the other night-shifters,” Anna recalled. “It’s strange that I'm now walking the same halls as I was back then.”

As a teenager, Anna volunteered in day surgery. “I remember different team members telling me how great my mom is,” Anna said.

Anna grew up with her mom's stories about helping people and was always impressed and proud of her. “My mom is even an excellent nurse outside of work. Whether she was taking care of me or my sisters when we were home sick or even just answering medical questions from our large extended family, I was always impressed by her knowledge and compassion,” Anna explained.

Becoming a nurse seemed like a good career fit, so Anna applied to nursing school. In 2012, she started as a patient care technician at Mease Countryside and became an RN in 2013. In 2019, she came to Morton Plant and began working the night shift in neuro ICU/CCU.

“That’s where I started too,” Louise proudly said. “It’s special to have three generations of nurses in our family. I am honored when I hear colleagues speak so highly of Anna’s enthusiasm and passion for providing the best care for her patients.”

Anna is equally as complimentary of Louise. “I know I am lucky to have the best mom,” Anna said. “Everyone should have someone like Louise Moran in their life.”

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