St. Joseph’s Hospital Inspires Youth at First Annual Career Camp

July 06, 2023
The Inaugural St. Joseph's Hospital Career Camp Class


The first St. Joseph’s Hospital Career Camp gave local ninth and 10th grade students an opportunity to learn hands-on about the different careers in the hospital. The three-day camp included lectures from hospital staff, tours of various departments and interactive classes.

With the nationwide shortage of healthcare workers in full effect, St. Joseph’s Hospital (SJH) is taking a proactive step to inspire the next generation of health care workers. 

“We are currently in a shortage, and I think many of our colleagues are too. It’s not just nursing,” said Kristin Ellis, a nursing professional development practitioner. “That’s why the camp includes different careers in the hospital, not just clinical departments.” 

Presentations by Food and Nutrition Services and Environmental Services gave students an opportunity to understand that every member of the hospital team contributes to a healing environment for patients. Health Information Services, Registrar and Operations were also some of the presentations that gave students a well-rounded view of careers within a hospital.

Students look on as they are shown how to intubate a patient.


“Most kids think of doctors and nurses when they think about a career in healthcare and while those are two very important positions, there are many other roles available that they could consider, some that may never even have contact with a patient,” said Melissa Menke, a clinical professional practice manager. 

"If you don't know what you want to do, you can explore opportunities through this camp,” said Hannah Stiglic, a student who participated in the camp. “I figured out what I wanted to do here.”

Students took a tour of the operating room during Career Camp.


An “escape room” exercise showed the students all the tasks completed by a nurse in a regular shift, teaching them how unpredictable it can be for nurses on staff. Behind-the-scenes tours gave students opportunities to see parts of the hospital that patients and visitors rarely see, including the operating room and cath lab. They also toured an ambulance and the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Mobile Medical Clinic. 

"The experience showed us what actually happens in a hospital,” added Zaria McKenzie, another participating student.

SJH will continue its annual Career Camp next year and encourages interested students to be on the lookout for more information coming in March 2024. St. Joseph’s Hospital Career Camp was funded by donations made to the St. Joseph’s Foundation.

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