New Year's. Fitness. Let's Do This!

January 05, 2023
A fitness trainer, wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts, pulls back as he is working out on a rowing machine inside a fitness center, with additional fitness equipment surrounding him.
BayCare fitness ambassador Brad Martin demonstrates using a rowing machine at the fitness center located at BayCare's Bloomingdale HealthHub.

BayCare fitness ambassador Bradley Martin knows it’s not easy finding the motivation to go to the gym in the new year.

“The hardest thing to do is just to walk through the front door,” Martin said.

If you can find that motivation, however, Martin and the rest of BayCare’s fitness ambassadors and trainers are standing by to help you reach your goals.

About 55% of people said they had achieved their New Year’s resolutions from the previous year, according to a study published in Sweden in 2020. The most popular goals focused on eating habits, weight loss, and physical health.

Martin, a certified personal trainer, says that he looks at what people do in the 60-day window after Jan 1.

“I find that people who sign up for personal training actually stay committed throughout the year,” Martin said. “A lot of times, you may go to another gym, and if you’re not doing personal training, you’ll only receive machine instructions. We want to guide you through exercises catered to you, because that’s how you will accomplish your goals faster.”

If it’s your first time exercising in a while, there are plenty of options at BayCare’s fitness centers. Martin prefers to start newcomers on the rowing machine.

“It’s low impact, and it’s a good full-body cardiovascular exercise, working both your arms and your legs,” he said. “We’re also able to adjust settings on the rowing machine so it’s just right for your current fitness level.”

BayCare operates three fitness centers in the Tampa Bay area. Staff are available any time during open hours to offer tours, and new members get two free consultations with staff in the gym.

“One of my favorite parts of my job is motivating newcomers and holding them accountable to their fitness routine. This is the starting point to where you want to be,” Martin said.

You can start your New Year’s resolution journey with us by visiting the fitness center section of our website here.

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