Peek Behind the Scenes: Badges of Honor

May 16, 2022


Ever wonder what it takes to create a commercial featuring real people? 

With nearly 30,000 team members across the Tampa Bay area, BayCare has plenty of talent to choose from.

Since the health system’s “Badges of Honor” campaign debuted in July 2021, dozens of nurses, doctors, technicians, and other BayCare members have been featured in television commercials, in print ads, on billboards and online. The concept was born from a desire to honor health care workers who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to serve the community. 

“Our goal is to highlight BayCare's extraordinary team members and their commitment to excellence in all they do,” said Ed Rafalski, BayCare’s chief strategy and marketing officer.  “The result celebrates our diversity and recognizes the incredible range of services offered throughout our health system.” 

Featured team members are selected based on recommendations from patients and peers. Advertisements may focus on a service line like heart care or a job role like nursing, depending on the intended audience. 

“The compassion, dedication, and selflessness demonstrated by our team is remarkable,” said Kyle Barr, BayCare’s chief team resources officer. “It is our people who make BayCare a top-performing large health system in America, that's also a great place to work.” 

To watch the Badge of Honor commercials, visit BayCare's YouTube channel