BayCare Nurse Impacts Pediatric Patients and Inspires New Generation of Nurses

May 05, 2022
Watch Nurse Felicia Glover Take Part in BayCare’s latest Badge of Honor campaign.


For Felicia Glover, nursing is her calling. Caring for patients is her life’s mission. 

Glover’s passion for nursing became evident in college after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she’s never looked back. 

“My mom’s journey to recovery inspired me to become a nurse,” said Glover, nurse manager for the Emergency Department at BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. “I watched nurses care for my mom with great compassion. They treated her like family during her time in the hospital. This experience motivated me to do the same.”

That’s why Glover, who’s now been a nurse for more than 31 years, made nursing a lifelong career – showing great care and compassion for pediatric patients.  

“I love what I do,” said Glover. “Caring for children is an indescribable feeling. It’s rewarding knowing you’re making them feel better and putting a smile on their faces. This is what I’m meant to do.”   

Glover was born and raised in Tampa and is an alum of University of South Florida College of Nursing. She also is a proud BayCare team member, soon marking her 32nd year anniversary. She began her career as a pediatric nurse, and now leads the way in nursing management.


BayCare Nurse Impacts Pediatric Patients and Inspires New Generation of Nurses
Felicia Glover receives nursing degree in 1990 from University of South Florida College of Nursing.


“I am proud to serve the community of Tampa Bay through a system like BayCare,” said Glover. “It’s been rewarding seeing BayCare grow, and me grow with it. Serving children and their families for these three decades has been my greatest joy.”  

Glover has devoted her career to caring for sick children. That’s where her heart has always been. She treats every child like they’re her own, and they become family, she said.  

“Families will come up to me and say, ‘You cared for my daughter and now I am here with my granddaughter’ and that’s just an amazing feeling,” Glover said. “There is no greater feeling knowing my work is making such an impact generation after generation.” 

Glover admits nursing can be tough. The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for frontline health care workers, especially nurses. However, nurses at BayCare and around the country have shown great resilience. Glover is one of them.  

“The last few years have been hard, but we never give up. That’s what nurses do,” Glover said. “We do this because we want to help others, and that’s what keeps us forging ahead. Also, I have been very fortunate to have a great support system, including family and colleagues.”  

Glover says nursing has its challenges, but it’s also a fulfilling career. She continues to share her passion with other people, inspiring the next generation of nurses. 

“Nursing gives you purpose, allowing you to make a difference in many people’s lives,” Glover said. “I encourage everyone who is thinking about a career in nursing to go ahead and pursue it. I know they’ll love what they do. I know I do.” 

As a result, Glover was part of a group of nurses highlighted in BayCare’s latest Badge of Honor campaign, which recognizes team members across the system for their tireless work and dedication to provide care for the community every single day. 

To watch the Badge of Honor commercials, visit BayCare’s YouTube Channel.