New Interventional Radiology Suite Opens at Mease Dunedin Hospital

February 17, 2021
New Interventional Radiology Suite Opens at Mease Dunedin


Mease Dunedin Hospital recently unveiled a new Interventional Radiology Suite that features state-of-the-art technology with enhanced capabilities that benefit physicians and patients alike.

The centerpiece of the suite is the Philips AlluraClarity unit, including a 60-inch, high-definition monitor that provides crisp detail and allows physicians to see multiple images at the same time, a great diagnostic tool. In addition, studies show that the system produces these high-quality images with dramatically reduced X-ray dose for patients and staff. 

The system has the ability to handle up to 35 procedures compared to a handful with the older technology.

“Now patients can stay in the Dunedin community and have more interventional radiology procedures performed at Mease Dunedin Hospital both as an inpatient if appropriate or as an outpatient,’’ said Beth Cushing, director of imaging for BayCare’s West Region. “We’re excited to offer this.’’

The primary referring doctors for interventional radiology are vascular surgeons, nephrologists, gastroenterologists and primary care doctors, according to Alki Koutsouradis, invasive vascular radiology coordinator at Mease Dunedin. 

Common procedures, to name a few, include angiograms, dialysis catheters and de-clotting, joint injections for pain management, angioplasty and stent insertion, PICC lines and port placements.

The suite was four months in the making. Everything is new from the ground up – new floors, a new ceiling, new computers with sliding glass doors, a new support system and the new centerpiece unit.

An added plus for patients: The table has a memory foam pad for increased comfort and can tilt two ways. It also handles up to 500 pounds, allowing treatment for bariatric patients. 

“It has seemingly limitless capabilities,’’ Alki said. 

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