BayCare Imaging Introduces Cutting Edge PET CT Scan

June 22, 2020

BayCare Imaging is introducing a world-class digital PET/CT system to one of its Outpatient Imaging facilities. 

BayCare is the first health system in Florida to bring an innovative imaging solution of this kind to its patients. This cutting-edge technology called Vereos is available to adult patients at BayCare Outpatient Imaging inside the Medical Arts Building at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

This new technology, created by Philips, can help improve detectability, reduce radiation, improve efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience. 

“We’re thrilled to make available to our patients a digital PET/CT scan of this kind,” said Todd Jones, vice president for ambulatory operations. “Our goal is to continuously improve patient care and enhance patient experience, so we’re hoping this technology helps do just that.”

Besides its higher standards in detection and accuracy, the new digital PET/CT system creates an overall relaxed environment for the patients. The injection room includes comfortable recliners with ambient lighting, soothing music and sounds. 

The ambient environment elevates the patient’s experience to a whole new level. In the exam room, patients can select from several different themes empowering them to become an active participant in their care.  

BayCare Imaging, which has 13 outpatient imaging centers and more than 20 in-patient imaging locations connected to 15 BayCare hospitals, provides convenient access to high quality, compassionate care to patients across the Tampa Bay area. 

Each center has a team of board-certified radiologists, accredited technologists, administrators and team members who provide quick results and a personalized service to patients.

BayCare Imaging offers a full range of diagnostic testing including digital x-rays, ultrasounds, 3D mammography, CT, PET/CT and MRI testing. It also offers minimally invasive interventions such as imaging guided biopsies, pain management and vascular procedures. 

“We are continuously upgrading our equipment to ensure the highest standard of care to every patient walking through the door,” said Jones. “This new PET/CT scan is currently available to adult patients. However, this will be accessible to pediatric patients soon.” 

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