BayCare Fitness Centers Provide a Safe Workout Environment

July 29, 2020

Regular exercise helps improve health and wellness but working out at a gym during a pandemic can be daunting. 

To help gymgoers feel at ease, BayCare Fitness Centers is taking extra safety and cleaning precautions throughout its facilities. 

“We believe that exercise plays an important role in people's overall physical and mental health, especially during these stressful times” said Nishant Anand, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer, BayCare Health System. “That’s why we’re doing everything we can make members feel safe while they work out in our gyms.”

BayCare Fitness Centers have enhanced standard safety processes and cleaning procedures to protect members and staff. Facilities are taking every precaution including enforcing masks or face coverings, doing regular temperature checks, practicing social distancing and enhancing cleaning.  

“Our top priority is the health of our members and staff,” said Melissa Zegarelli, director for Ambulatory Experience and Operations. “Since we opened our facilities following temporary COVID-19 closings, we’re put in place various preventive measures to keep our members healthy and our facilities extra clean.”

Masks and Face Coverings 

As COVID-19 cases continue to spread throughout the community, BayCare Fitness Centers have made masks mandatory for members and staff while they are working out. When members are doing strenuous exercise, they can lower their masks if a six-foot social distance can be maintained. 

Temperature Checks 

When members visit BayCare gyms, they are required to check in and out at the front desk each time. Members and staff also get their temperatures checked when they walk into the facilities.  

Social Distancing 

Fitness Centers have spaced out equipment to ensure they are six feet apart. All members have to maintain social distancing from others when they are working out. 

Enhanced Cleaning  

While cleaning has always been important at BayCare Fitness Centers, the system has enhanced cleaning procedures to make sure members are safe during their workouts. BayCare staff is being more diligent, cleaning all workout equipment throughout the day. Members also are being asked to clean their equipment before and after each use. 

Fitness Centers have placed various sanitizing stations throughout each facility. Members also are asked to bring their own mats and bolsters as those items are harder to keep clean.

“It’s extremely important to go to gyms that have implemented safe practices,” said Dr. Anand. “Exercise in a safe and effective manner is key, and that’s what BayCare Fitness Centers offer for the community during these challenging times.” 

Virtual Exercise Options 

For members who may not be comfortable coming into the fitness centers at this time, BayCare offers various virtual workout options and classes where they can exercise from the comfort of their own home, said Zegarelli. 

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