BayCare Continues to Use Technology to Expand Access to Health Care with Virtual Physician Visits

August 29, 2016

BayCare Anywhere Offers Local Caregivers

CLEARWATER, Fla., (August 29, 2016) -- As part of its efforts to expand access to health care, BayCare Health System has launched BayCare Anywhere, a 24/7 non-emergency telemedicine service offering virtual doctor visits through a smart phone, tablet or computer.

“Through BayCare Anywhere, a patient has the ability right at their fingertips to see and talk to a doctor,” said Greg Hindahl, MD, chief medical informatics officer, BayCare Health System. “We’re giving patients what they want and need, more convenient access to quality care so they can recover and get back to their daily activities.”

Using secure, interactive video and audio communications with a board-certified physician, patients can see a doctor live in real time from home, work and even when traveling. After reviewing a patient’s clinical history and information and conducting an examination, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan including follow-up care and prescribe medications as needed.

“We have the ability to diagnose common conditions or illnesses for adults and children two years and older,” said, Gina Schell, DO, an internal medicine physician and medical director of BayCare Anywhere. Conditions treated can include sinus pain, cough, flu or cold, low grade fever and skin rashes.

“Whether being treated by a BayCare Anywhere doctor from the Tampa Bay area or by one from another location, the visit follows the similar steps and procedures as any doctor visit, including a physical exam and the opportunity for the patient to ask questions and discuss treatment options” said Dr. Schell.

To get started, patients can download the BayCare Anywhere app from the iPhone or Android app store or from to create an account. Internet access, a smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam is needed for the virtual doctor visit.  Other information to know: 

  • BayCare Anywhere doctors are board certified in the United States and typically have on average, 15 years of experience in primary and urgent care. Specialties include Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Emergency Care and more. Information on the doctor’s education and experience is available through the app.
  • Patients do not have to be a patient with BayCare Health System.
  • The fee for BayCare Anywhere is $45. Major credit cards are accepted.
  • All information provided when enrolling, including credit card numbers and personal health details, is secure. The doctor visit is private and protected and follows HIPAA guidelines for patient safety and confidentiality.
  • Prescriptions if needed, will be digitally submitted to a patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  • Not all illnesses can be fully resolved with BayCare Anywhere. Some visits may require follow-up with a doctor in-person within 24 to 72 hours.
  • If a BayCare Anywhere patient presents to a BayCare Urgent Care within 24 hours of a virtual visit and presents their receipt, they will receive a credit towards the costs of their urgent care expenses.
  • Appointments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and can be accessed from all 50 states.
A virtual physician visit app is just one of the telemedicine solutions BayCare offers to patients. “More and more, we are using telemedicine-based solutions to expand access and enhance our patient care,” said Dr. Hindahl. Since 2014, BayCare’s has been using eCare, an electronic patient monitoring system that uses remote computer monitoring technology to support the care of critically ill hospital patients.

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