St. Joseph’s Hospital Opens New and Expanded $43 Million State-of-the-Art Operating and Interventional Radiology Suites

July 21, 2015

Tampa, Fla., (July 1, 2015) - On July 7, St. Joseph’s Hospital began operating in one of five new state-of-the-art surgical suites. The new suites are part of an 18-month, $43 million, expansion project that brings the total number of operating suites at St. Joseph’s Hospital to 18. The new suites are connected to the existing surgical unit, which provides the ideal layout for minimally invasive and conventional procedures.

     One of the new operating suites is the VISIUS Surgical Theatre with intraoperative MRI (iMRI) Suite, an advanced neurosurgical operating room where a diagnostic quality scanner can move to the patient using ceiling-mounted rails. This incorporates imaging and surgery in the same setting without introducing additional risk to the patient associated with transport, while delivering real-time information to clinicians to improve patient outcomes.

     The new operating suites also offer:

  • More Space- The new operating rooms are at least 100 sq. ft. larger than the older suites to accommodate advanced technology and equipment allowing physicians to perform complicated orthopedic and neurological cases.
  • System Integration and Technology- Everything from patient information systems to audio, video, lighting and medical equipment is functionally connected, allowing surgeons to control all devices from a single touch screen. Plus, the operating rooms now have teleconferencing capabilities and everything, including wires and cords, are up and off of the floor reducing safety hazards.
  • Pediatric Surgery- The pediatric surgery area will be converted into a single space for admitting, pre-op holding, surgery and post-anesthesia recovery care.

     St. Joseph’s Hospital President Lorraine Lutton said, “We are committed to updating our facility; technology and equipment to better serve our patients. These improvements will give us more capabilities for orthopedic and neurological surgeries, creating greater efficiency for care providers and ultimately an optimum patient experience.”

     In addition to five new operating suites, the newly renovated interventional radiology suite will be home to a sophisticated imagining system, giving patients safe, effective alternatives to surgery. The renovations allow for:

  • Advanced 3-D Images- These 3-D CT, MR, PET and SPECT scans help to plan and assess procedures, which assist the interventional radiologist who will perform the exam.
  • Blended Road mapping- This helps the interventional radiologist navigate easily and clearly in complex anatomy using quality digital images.
  • TrackVision- By providing live 3-D guidance to move the needle as planes, TrackVision helps radiologists precisely plan needle procedures and show any deviations from the desired path.
  • AngioViz- Shows the vascular flow on a single image, while digital subtraction angiography (DSA) generates vascular flow data, which allows radiologists to easily compare images with just a glance.
  • 3T MRI-Ultra Field Tesla MRI- This is the strongest clinically available scanner and it allows for more comfort, quicker exams and the highest quality images.

About St. Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital, part of the BayCare Health System, is known for advanced medical technology and compassionate care. Its Centers of Excellence include the Heart Institute, Cancer Institute, Stroke and Neuroscience Program, Robotic Surgery Program and Emergency/Trauma Departments, which treats more patients than any other hospital in the Tampa Bay region. More than 70 specialties are represented among the medical staff, from internal medicine to cardiology, neurology to surgery.  The hospital was founded in 1934 by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. 

About BayCare

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