Rapid Drug Screening

Are you utilizing rapid drug screening? You probably should be. 

If your company is a Florida Drug Free Work Place, rapid drug testing is an option for you. 

Using rapid or instant drug screening provides the same quality and accuracy as using traditional testing methods; however, you receive the benefit of having negative test results available within one hour, not two days.  

As an employer, instant drug testing can give you the ability to onboard a candidate in a more timely manner.  And, a rapid drug screen is usually cheaper than traditional testing.

How do you know if you’re a Florida Drug Free Workplace?

  • You are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for your business
  • You are not self-insured for workers’ compensation
  • You are claiming a 5% deduction in workers’ compensation premiums by participating in a Florida Drug Free Work Place program

Learn more by reviewing An Employer’s Guide to a Drug-Free Workplace.

It is important to know for employees that are being tested under Federal guidelines (DOT drivers), rapid drug testing is not an option.  Federally tested employees must use the traditional testing method.

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Traditional and Rapid Testing Process Overview

Traditional Drug Screen Process:

  • Urine specimen collected using standard collection protocols at BayCare Urgent Care
  • Specimen is sent to outside lab for all phases of testing
  • Lab performs an initial rapid or instant test for drugs
    • If result is negative, testing stops and result is released.  Negative report available to employer on average 48 hours
    • If result is non-negative (inconclusive; could be testing positive due to non-drug use reason), urine is sent for confirmation testing to eliminate non-drug use as cause for positive result.  Final positive result sent to Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Rapid or Instant Drug Screening Process:

  • Urine specimen obtained using standard collection protocols at BayCare Urgent Care
  • BayCare Urgent Care conducts a rapid test on the specimen instead of sending to outside lab for testing
  • The rapid test screens for the same five categories as called for by the FDFWP.  The urine is screened for amphetamines, cannabinoids (marijuana), cocaine metabolite, opiates and phencyclidine (PCP)
  • A rapid or instant test result will be either negative (no drug use) or non-negative (inconclusive;  could be testing positive due to non-drug use reason)
    • If the rapid test result is negative, the specimen is discarded and the negative result is relayed to the employer within one (1) hour.
    • If rapid test result is non-negative the specimen is shipped to the outside lab for confirmation testing using same protocols as a traditional test to eliminate non-drug use as cause of positive result
    • There is no additional fee if the non-negative test result is sent to the outside lab for confirmation testing

If you are interested in rapid drug screening or would like more information, please contact your BayCare Urgent Care account executive today.  Your account executive will be happy to answer any questions you may have and add rapid drug screening as a preference on your account profile.  Updating your account profile will ensure the staff at every BayCare Urgent Care location is aware of your service preferences.