High Field Open MRI


What is it?

BayCare boasts the world’s most powerful 1.5 high field open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), combining image quality that’s every bit as good as a 1.5 conventional MRI with the open MRI technology that gives patients the comfort they deserve.

What is it for?

A 1.5 high field open MRI is a good alternative for those that are nervous about an MRI because of closed spaces. It is open on the sides and offers more room and more air flow than a traditional MRI. It is also good for larger patients.

How to prepare

  • Discuss your medical history, health problems and allergies with your health care provider
  • There is a slight risk of an allergic reaction if contrast material is used

What happens during?

  • You may receive some sedation medication to help calm you
  • You may feel slightly warm
  • You’ll be asked to remain as still and motionless as possible
  • You’ll know when images are being created from a thumping or tapping sound you’ll hear
  • You’ll have contact with your technologist at all times

Side effects

  • On rare occasions, pain and nausea is experienced. This is usually from allergies to contrast material. Hives, itchy eyes and other reactions could also happen from contrast material allergies.